We work to create peace-filled homes and communities through peace education, community art, and peace and faith dialogue.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9


Let's Make Peace Co-Founder was invited to tell the inspiring story behind the Let's Make Peace grassroots peace campaign and an installation of 1,000 origami peace cranes on the This is the Gospel Podcast. Explore what peace and peacemaking is from a Christian perspective, and discover the true color of peace.

Bryn starts at minute 17.

Meet the Founders

Hi! We are Christians, aspiring disciples and peacemakers. When tensions rise my default is combative/offended, my husband's is defensive/avoidant, but as we turn to Christ we become humble seekers of understanding and love. We have 4 beautiful babies that prove diversity is both beautiful and possible. We love our kids so much we are willing to change to be better for them. I'm originally a Cali girl, my husband an immigrant from Honduras, and we call the beautiful state of Utah home.

Why did you start the Let's Make Peace campaign?

Social unrest is a sign that there is work to do. The first step to change is illuminating the problems. The next step is peacemaking. Let's Make Peace exists to foster and teach peacemaking. Peacemaking at its core is a humble approach to problem solving that places human dignity at the center of the discussion and relies on the power of restitution and forgiveness to create reconciliation. As Christians we are called to the work of peacemaking, and through the guidance, grace, and wisdom of God we can be emissaries of His peace and His hope in our homes first, then our social circles and community.

Why Origami Cranes?

Origami is what is called a metamorphic art, meaning that the art medium (paper) is transformed into something completely new without adding or subtracting anything. Likewise, the art of peacemaking is one of metamorphoses. Every individual must do the work of bending themselves in uncomfortable ways by addressing personal pride, fear, or bias in order to become a peacemaker. The practice of origami is also a meditative one that allows the creator to contemplate the process of transformation, a fitting practice for becoming a peacemaker.

What did Jesus Christ teach about peace?

As the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ's kingdom is one of peace. All of his teaching are to this end-- to create communities that are of one heart and one mind, to root out discrimination and poverty, and to unify His people in righteousness. Christ's disciples strive to create His kingdom on earth first in the heart, then in the family, then in the family of God.

Why don't you accept monetary donations?

Peacemaking is not achieved through monetary investments. Solutions to challenges are built upon understanding. The only investment we ask is that you dig deep with us to root out ignorance, pride, fear, bias, etc.-- all the things that lead to combative, defensive, or avoidant behaviors that are the enemy to peace. Donate your time, humility, and talents and be committed to creating love, beauty, and kindness with your words and deeds. Start in your family and then work out from there. The best relationships to practice peacemaking are the ones within the home.